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any people of trans experience still active here? - LiveJournal Bisexual
any people of trans experience still active here?
Hey all. Not sure if this community is still active, but figured I'd try!

My grad students and I are starting a major research project aimed at improving knowledge and awareness regarding stressful experiences faced by folks who identify as trans. It's an anonymous online survey with a 1/25 chance to win a $25 gift card.

Our team includes both trans- and cis-identified folks and we garnered extensive feedback from the trans community on our materials prior to beginning recruitment. We are having a *very* hard time reaching potential participants (probably due to psychology's messy history with gender... don't get me started).

I'm not sure what the protocol for sharing research links is (e.g., on listserves, twitter or facebook, tumblr, wordpress) -- but if it's possible, would you be willing to repost the following for us to your contacts? We'd really appreciate it and need help getting the word out!

Thanks so much for your time :)

* * *
Are you a person of trans experience? Let your voice be heard (and enter to win one of several $25 amazon gift cards)!!

We are a group of researchers from the Marginalization, Mental Health, and Empowerment Team and Columbia University. Our team is made up of LGBTQ folks and allies.

We're interested in learning more about your experiences of marginalization and empowerment as a trans individual.

Click this link or copy/paste into your browser to participate: http://snurl.com/cutrans
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